stretch for your knee pain

Stretch for Your Pain: Knee Pain

Sometimes, pain in one area can be alleviated by moving different muscles that surround the area. Knee pain is often a result of an injury, but can stem from other issues as well. This kind of pain can lead to long-lasting problems in your knees and surrounding joints. If you experience knee pain, try these stretches.

1. Lie down on your back in front of an open doorway. Keep one leg straight out in front of you, and place the other along the door jam. Make sure you are keeping a small bend to your knee to avoid pushing your stretch too far. Hold the position, then switch sides.

2. In a standing position, shift your weight to one foot, and lift the other behind you. Grasp your foot behind you and pull it towards your body with enough pressure to stretch, but not hurt. If your knee pain doesn’t allow you to do this stretch, try laying down on your stomach and using a hand towel to wrap around your foot and pull it close to your body.

3. Find a curb or step. In a standing position, place the ball of your foot on the step and pull your heel towards the ground and your toes towards the sky. Hold this position then switch feet.

Knee pain stemming from a sports-related injury or surgery can be serious. If the knee pain doesn’t seem to be temporary, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor. While stretching, make sure you are listening to your body above everything, and stop if you find yourself in more pain.

This is not intended as medical advice, please consult a physician before changing your workout routine.

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