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Stretch for Your Pain: Back Pain

1. Back pain, like neck pain, can be a result of many different things. If you work in an environment where you are constantly sitting, standing, or moving heavy objects, it is likely you have experienced some back pain. Your body, especially your back, needs movement and gentle motion in order to keep from getting too tired or stiff. Pain can be debilitating sometimes, here are some stretches to help alleviate back pain.

2. Lay flat with your back on the ground and your toes pointing towards the sky. Bend your right knee and use your arms to slowly pull it towards your chest, keeping your toes pointed at the sky. Clasp your hands together on your knee or shin, and pull it towards your chest. When you release, slowly move your leg to a straightened position. Switch legs and repeat as many times as desired.

3. Lay on the floor on your stomach with your legs extended behind you. Place your palms on either side of your head, bending your elbows. Slowly, push yourself up while keeping your hips on the ground until you feel a stretch in your back and abdomen. You can choose to keep your elbows on the ground for this stretch or lift them up so you are pushing only on your palms.
Sit on your knees with your toes pointing back. Slowly lean forward so that your chest is between your knees, with your forehead touching the ground. Try placing your palms down on the ground, extended out above your head, and back next to your feet. Choose the most comfortable position and hold.

Back pain can be temporary or lead to serious issues. Similar to neck pain, many times back pain is related to continuous poor posture. Try taking breaks from what you are doing often. If you mainly sit at work, try walking around. If you are constantly on your feet, sit down and take a break. Whenever you stretch painful areas, it is best to trust your body over instructions. If your pain worsens or you feel uncomfortable, stop stretching and listen to what your body is telling you.

This is not intended as medical advice, please consult a physician before changing your workout routine.

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