What to Expect

A Bowenwork® session consists of sequences of light touch moves that cross muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia at a specific site on your body. Breaks every 2-3 minutes are necessary to help the body fall into a parasympathetic (relaxed) state. In this state, your body’s natural healing abilities are set to work.


The sessions are 30-45 minutes. Most conditions respond in 3-5 sessions, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. Some conditions may require repetition to reinforce. Therefore, several sessions may be needed to facilitate full healing of old traumas and chronic conditions. We will design a custom regime for your unique needs.


Following the guidelines below will ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from each session.


Stay Hydrated


Bowen is most effective in a body that is well hydrated. The body cannot realign or release tension when it is dehydrated. Shifting, flushing, and eliminating are natural with Bowen, and congestion must have water to leave the body. You will be encouraged to drink lots of water.


Take It Easy


The best form of activity after a Bowen session is walking, as it allows the body to gently and symmetrically mobilize, stretch, and strengthen itself into alignment. It is important to stand up and move if you have been sitting or driving for long periods. You may be given some gentle exercises for joint mobilization, circulation and to help the body integrate the new pattern of holding itself in alignment. Once Bowen improves levels of pain, inflammation, and overall form and function of the body, you can then begin to add in additional activities to recuperate and rehabilitate muscle tone and mobility.


Be Patient


Please wait 4-5 days before getting any other bodywork. Bowenwork® continues to integrate within the body for up to 10 days after your session, other modalities interfere with Bowen’s effectiveness. Please be patient and allow your body time to heal.