Sharon Edmiston

Sharon is a Bowenwork® practitioner located in Carlsbad, California. Sharon has been trained and certified by the American Bowen Academy.

Sharon BowenWork

I have spent the majority of my life helping others.  I have been blessed as an educator, business and life coach, mother, grandmother, and wife.


I first discovered Bowenwork® in Sacramento, after searching for years, to be free of pain.  At that time, I was in extreme pain with Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  I lived on steroid drugs and suffered severe depression from the medications I was given. None took away the daily struggle.


Over the years, I had also broken my back, and had gone through 2 rounds of cancers and fatigue and chronic pain that was insurmountable.  Life seemed hopeless, but I was determined to find a healthy alternative to drugs and doctors.


So my journey began…  I went to every form of alternative healing but the pain, fatigue, and depression remained.


In 2010, I discovered Bowenwork®.  It provided dramatic relief from my chronic, disabling back and body pain from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and depression.  More than anything, it gave me a healthy, pain-free life.

I wake up everyday pain-free from the benefits of Bowenwork®.  When I moved to San Diego, I found there was no one here to carry on this amazing work.  So, I decided I needed to be the very best I could be, to help others struggling with daily pain.


I  have my certification through the American Bowen Academy and am sharing the hope of a pain-free future.  Bowenwork® is now taught in over 40 countries around the world.  It is known for creating change that is not temporary but lasts.


Advanced Bowenwork Practitioner
Certified Associate Instructor
Certified in Chronic Conditions
Health Coach
Sport Bowen